Advanced Dentist Technology

Esthetic Family Dentistry’s Modern Technology

3D Cone Beam Dental Imaging

Dentistry has taken a giant steps with 3D cone beam imaging with this new dimension for diagnosis and treatment. 2D imaging gives limited info, but 3D images offer more layers of data and more tools to analyze the targeted area. The 3 dimensional dental data also provide useful sets of info to the patient, making it easy to explain why a dental service needs to be completed, and makes the patient feel more confident in their decision.

The CBCT is combined with planning tools to allow quick and easy location of crucial landmarks, including nerves. We can verify proper implant seating in a virtual environment before placing the implant in the patients mouth. We also use the given pictures to double check that there are no pathological disturbances to the jaw – including abscesses, teeth that are impacted, loss of bones, or lesions in the area. Esthetic Family Dentistry is one of a handful of dentists in Colorado Springs with this type of technology. No running between dental offices to get images at one and then a procedure at another. We pride ourselves on being able to fulfill all of your dental needs under one roof.

Advanced Technology -3D Cone Beam Imaging

CEREC Dental Crowns

Esthetic Family Dentistry is pleased to provide CEREC Modern ceramic Technology to our dentist patients. With CEREC, our doctors can restore a decayed, weakened, or broken tooth to its original strength and aesthetics. All-ceramic materials that are colored to match your other teeth are used to achieve this, and they are milled in our dentist’s office. Our patients benefit, as this process is done without the use of temporary teeth or extra visits. CEREC crowns can typically be completed in one visit to our clinic.

The CEREC process uses a digital optical impression so no temporary crowns are needed – restoration is provided the same day.

Patients of the CEREC Ceramic Same Day Crowns Health Benefits include:

  • A natural looking and long-lasting porcelain or ceramic tooth
  • Zero metal free CEREC
  • The perfect solution to broken and chipped teeth
  • Repairing decay and and worn fillings

There is no need to travel to a separate office specialist for CEREC Crowns. At Esthetic Family Dentistry, we’ve offer this service under one roof. It is our goal as a dentist office in Colorado SPrings to provide the best in modern and technologically advanced dental procedures and services.

Advanced Technology-CEREC

Computerized Cosmetic Dental Imaging

Curious about how an improvement to your smile would affect your self esteem and how others view you? At Esthetic Family Dentistry, our Computerized Cosmetic Dental Imaging allows you to see and review the benefits of cosmetic treatments. This innovative software allows us to illustrate the variety of ways we can improve your teeth and your smile. By taking a digital photo of you, this interactive method helps envision your beautiful new smile before the treatment.

Advanced Technology-Computerized Cosmetic Imaging

Digital Dental X-Rays

With Digital radiography, less radiation is needed to take and evaluate high-quality images that can be evaluated on a flat-screen monitor. This allows for faster and simpler detection of oral related issues and makes it easier for our dental patients to understand the root of any problems with their teeth.

Advanced Technology Digital XRays

Intra Oral Dentistry Cameras

At Esthetic Family Dentistry, we use tiny cameras to take very magnified and high resolution images of your mouth including your teeth and gums. The images can then be viewed on a screen for the patient and the doctor to see and diagnose and record dental issues. The Intra-Oral Camera also allows patients to see the same thing as the dentist while their teeth are being evaluated and offer a window into your special care.

Advanced Technology -Intra Oral Camera

Preventative Cavity Detection With Laser Decay Detection

With tooth decay the faster a cavity is found the better it is for the patient. In the earliest stages, cavities can be fixed easily and without needing anesthetic. At Esthetic Family Dentistry, we use a laser that is specifically designed for cavity prevention called DIAGNODENT to find cavities in and around the grooves and pits of teeth ages before traditional techniques could discover them. With this laser, we offer another early intervention method to keep teeth strong, healthy and beautiful.

Advanced Technology Laser Decay Detection

Lasers For Soft Tissue Treatments

Lasers have become rather commonplace in dentistry, and Esthetic Family Dentistry is no exception. We also have the benefit of laser treatments for most our patients right in our dental offices. The lasers our doctors and hygienists use can offer periodontal therapy (gum disease treatment), or to provide cosmetic dental treatments such as gum recontouring for example. These soft tissue lasers have the added bonus of staying cool as reducing vibration in the mouth which helps with comfort, enhancing the patient’s visit.

Treatments involving soft tissue lasers utilize a laser saturated cold H2O spray to trim away tissue with no any heat generation. The same lasers can be set to a zero cut setting as well, to kill off bacteria living in tissue and would typically remain untreated. Unlike more traditional procedures, there is no risk of irreversible damage to gums and tissues in and around your teeth and mouth. Soft tissue laser therapy is an effective procedure that many patients prefer.

Advanced Technology Soft Tissue Lasers

Oral Cancer Screenings Using VelScope

In addition to our visual oral cancer screenings and dental exams, we offer, above and beyond a soft tissue screening called “Oral I.D.” Oral I.D. utilizes a visual founded dental-tech called “fluorescence technology”, the light (435-460nm) allowing clinicians to identify pre-cancer, oral cancer, or other abnormalities in earlier stages, and saving lives.

Advanced Technology Velscope Cancer Screening

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