What Are The Advantages of CEREC 3-Dimensional Printing For Your Teeth

What Are The Advantages of CEREC 3-Dimensional Printing For Your Teeth

In the past, creating dental crowns for a patient was intensive. From filling dental trays with a putty type substrate to create an oral impression to multiple patient follow up visits created a not so desirable process. After impression were made, they were then sent to a lab where crowns where processed and constructed. This “old” way of creating crowns was time consuming, requiring a patients to return for multiple visits and a more costly outcome as a result.

Not ideal…

Curious about what CEREC same day dental crowns can do for you?

same day crowns dentistIn this modern age of dentistry things have changed with the advancement of CEREC dental crowns. No need to image a world where same day crowns are possible. The time is NOW! With Chair-side Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics (aka CEREC) the need for lengthy dentist office visits is over along with the added benefit of lower costs to the patient and dentist.

Why Go The CEREC Crown Route?

  • CEREC offers a distinct advantage vs the old way of creating crowns.
  • Precise computer generated measuring and control offers a good snug fit the first time
  • Requires only one office visit where crowns are created on the spot. No need to ship dental trays to a lab and wait weeks for them to return to the dentist for completion upon the patients return.

For more information on the process or cost give your Colorado Springs dentist a call or check out our page on CEREC dental crowns