Cavity Prevention

Halloween is always tons of fun for you, but what about your teeth? Putting on your favorite costume and wandering around the neighborhood in search of the best candy is always a blast. Sugar, of course, is delicious after all. But, sugar can also cause havoc for your teeth in the form of bacteria.
We sometimes forget that our pets need to have their teeth cleaned, just like we do. Unfortunately, for our pets, it isn’t as easy for them to brush their teeth, and they sometimes can use our assistance to help them stay healthy. After all, our pets are practically part of our family, and helping them maintain healthy teeth is helpful in the long run.
When you visit your dentist for your routine cleanings plaque and tarter are 2 common phrases you hear frequently. Plaque and tarter are two common culprits that can cause tooth decay and even gum disease. Do you know what plaque and tarter are and how they develop? In this article, we will be looking at these two occurrences a little closer to see the true impact they have on our teeth.
Our teeth are an important part of maintaining the health of the rest of our body. We use our teeth every day from chewing to talking, so let us talk about the structure that allows our teeth to complete our everyday tasks so easily. Let’s look at the makeup of our teeth.
Tooth sensitivity can be caused both by warm or cold food and drinks. If you experience pain after drinking your favorite cup of hot coffee that helps motivate you through your morning, or from eating some of your favorite gelato. You could be one of the many people that experience tooth sensitivity. What is causes tooth sensitivity you ask?  Well, we will talk about some of the things that contribute to this issue.
As we round out the end of the year and begin anew, we begin to think about all the things we are thankful for. Everything from family to career starts a new list of things to be forever grateful for. One thing is for sure, we should also be thankful for our local dentist.