Dentists Love Teeth (Shocker)

We know it’s hard to believe, but as a leading dentist in Colorado Springs, we simply LOVE teeth.  We have seen what seems like millions of teeth in Colorado Springs, tended to them, cleaned them, examined teeth from front to back and so much more when it comes to your chompers.

Today, however, we want to take a look at other teeth. Not your brother or sister’s teeth, but the teeth of animals around the world. Obviously we don’t see animals in our human dentist office, but teeth are fascinating no matter where we look at them or whose mouth they are in. From bad teeth to perfect teeth we want to see them!

Let’s Start With The World’s Largest Teeth

Can you guess what animal has the biggest teeth for eating? If you guessed the Hippo, you are correct, but did you know that the largest teeth are attached to African Elephants? The African ELephant has 2 of the largest teeth, also known as tusks.

Of course, if you consider body length to tooth length then the winner would be the Narwahl. A fully grown male can grow a tooth about as long as half its own body. Pretty impressive!

Strongest Bite

You might think it is your little brother who has the strongest bite, but in fact, you would be wrong. The animal with the strongest bite is the Nile Crocodile. With a bite force of over 5000 pounds of pressure per square inch, these guys can really clampdown. To give you an idea of what this is like, a normal human is limited to about 200 pounds of pressure per square inch.

The Most Teeth

You might think a Shark has the most teeth in its mouth, but you are just off the mark. The true winner is also a fish but a smaller fish commonly known as the Catfish. Their mouths can contain as many as 9280 teeth which are more teeth than any of us need. The teeth on a catfish are shaped liked needles, called cordiform teeth.

Some Really Strange Teeth

If you want to see some fascinating teeth and wonder who their dentist is, check out the Crabeater Seal.  With almost weaponized teeth that are serrated like a steak knife, you will understand how they got the name Crabeater Seal. Shaped like a pointed Christmas Tree these teeth are pretty harmless in fact. They don’t use these teeth for eating crabs, but rather to strain krill in order to fill their bellies.

When Is The Last Time We Have Seen Your Beautiful Chompers?

If it is time to see the dentist (For Humans) we want to know what some weird teeth you have come across on your next dentist office visit. We would love to hear all about it. Call today to schedule your next appointment at our tooth loving dental office.