Chao Pinhole Surgery

A Better Treatment For Gum Recession In Colorado Springs, CO

The recession your gums can be caused by many factors such as gingivitis, perodontitus, natural aging or abrasive brushing of the teeth. When the structure of the teeth become exposed and visable, your teeth will be more at chance for tooth decay and other issues below the gum line.

Healthy gum support is vital for a healthy overall mouth. Pinhole surgery allows our dentist to treat advanced gum recession effectively. If you feel you suffer from receding gums, visit your Colorado Springs Dentist soon. There are many treatment options available to stop the spread of receding gum lines and improve your oral health.

Benefits of CHAO Pinhole Surgery for gum recession:

  • Less discomfort as your mouth and gums heal
  • Improved recovery times
  • No need for sutures in the effected area of your mouth
  • No need for scalpels or incisions
  • No need for donor tissue
  • Long lasting results

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Gum recession is referred to as the loss of gum tissue along the gum line. Gum recession can be a result of periodontal diseases such as gingivitis, periodontitis, or advanced periodontitis.  It can also happen from natural aging, or abrasive brushing habits.

The root structure of teeth becomes exposed with gum recession, meaning tooth decay and other issues can begin to affect the teeth along and underneath the gum line. Healthy gums are essential for a healthy mouth, so receiving treatment for gum recession is important for lasting dental health.

Dr. Orban will evaluate you to see if you are a good candidate for Pinhole® and discuss the your specific treatment.   Call today to schedule your consultation.

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