Platelet Rich Plasma

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Platelet Rich Plasma

Leading edge technologies in the dental field provide our patients with the opportunity to get the smiles they deserve in innovative and less painful ways. Our goal is always to improve surgical techniques and give our patients amazing results, and we achieve that through continuing education courses and investing in the most up-to-date technologies our field has to offer.

One of the latest advancements capitalizes on our body’s own natural growth factors to speed up the healing process after surgery. Platelets in our blood stream contain healing properties that we can take advantage of after procedures like gingival grafting.

Esthetic Family Dentistry is now able to create a Platelet Rich Plasma or (PRP) that contains a platelet concentration higher than your body’s baseline concentration. This PRP has been strictly used in hospital settings because the cost of removing platelets from blood, as well as the large volume of blood required. But now, our office has invested in this technology, and we can harvest, process, and concentrate blood into PRP that we can use at our operative sites.

Platelet Rich Plasma


With PRP, we are able to accelerate the typical healing process. During a typical healing and regenerating process, the body sends cells to the surgical site to begin healing the affected area. One of the cells is known as platelets. Platelets which transport proteins used to regenerate injured tissues (called growth factors). Platelets have many jobs, including the formation of blood clots and the introduction of these factors into wounds themselves. The higher the amount of these platlet growth factors that are introduced into the affected area, the more the stem cells are activated and thus produce new cell tissue faster. What does this mean about PRP, though? It means that the use of PRP allows the wound site to heal more efficiently, and therefore more rapidly.  Take an opportunity to talk to Dr. Perigo about this procedure to go along with your oral surgery.

  • PRP is created for the patient’s own blood, making disease transmission a non-issue and safe for the patient
  • We create the PRP in our office under strict conditions. We do this when the patient is in outpatient surgery (like gingival grafting).
  • Faster healing
  • Since we create the PRP in our office and we use only a small amount of blood, the patient does not incur as large an expense as would happen at a hospital or blood bank which makes it cost effective.

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