Tooth Loss Prevention Throughout History

History of Dentures and Tooth Loss

As long as people have had teeth, they have also had to deal with tooth loss. In fact, false teeth have been around since 2500 B.C.

I guess you could say dentistry has been around a long time

One discovery, made in Mexico was that of the oldest false teeth ever found. The teeth themselves were made from wolves teeth, which is much different than the technology used today in our Colorado Springs dentist office.

Moving through the dental timeline, a few thousand years later, scientists discovered that the ancient Etruscans used gold bands and wire in order to attach teeth, human or animal that dates back to 700 B.C.

Around the 1700s, Japan used started using material such as wood to replace missing teeth and then moving into ivory.

dentures colorado springsDid George Washington Wear Dentures? aka The Wooden Teeth Myth

George Washington, our very first president, from an early age had issues with is oral health. Starting in his twenties, his dental woes were a result of poor diet and genetics. This included tooth and enamel decay, oral pain and lastly, loss of all of his teeth, minus one by the time he became president.

George did absolutely wear dentures as a result. However, a popular belief is that the dentures themselves were made of wood. His first set of partial dentures were crafted from ivory in fact and then wired to his remaining tooth.

Soon after, in 1789, Dr. John Greenwood who was an advanced and modern dentist for the time created a set of dentures that were cutting edge. Created from hippo tusks, golden springs, and screws. Although advanced, these “old-time” dentures still gave Washington oral pain and discomfort.

Advanced Modern Dentures in Colorado Springs

Denture technology has luckily advanced to the stage that allows for comfort and natural feel with far less pain involved than our ancestors. At our Colorado Springs dentist office, Esthetic Family Dentistry we use modern materials for dentures and partial dentures that give you a natural and comfortable feeling while chewing, talking and swallowing. Using acrylic resins, modern plastics or porcelain dentures can be full, partial and even removable.

Alternatively, a single missing tooth can be simply replaced with a dental implant instead of needing dentures. The need for dentures is determined on a case by case basis and sometimes can be prevented through modern dentistry techniques such as root canal therapy as well as other specialized dental procedures.

Using Modern Dentistry To Prevent The Need For Dentures

More than 35 million people in the United States are missing all of their teeth. Many could have prevented total tooth loss via modern dentistry with cleanings and good oral habits such as brushing teeth twice a day and scheduling regular dentist checkups like the ones performed at Esthetic Family Dentistry here in Colorado Springs.

If you are concerned about tooth loss or are curious about dentures to replace currently missing teeth, give our office a call. Esthetic Family Dentistry can help!