The Importance of Maintaining Your Pet’s Teeth

We sometimes forget that our pets need to have their teeth cleaned, just like we do. Unfortunately, for our pets, it isn’t as easy for them to brush their teeth, and they sometimes can use our assistance to help them stay healthy. After all, our pets are practically part of our family, and helping them maintain healthy teeth is helpful in the long run.

 Wild Animal Teeth

healthy pet teethThere are two reasons wild animals can maintain healthy teeth without the help of regular dental care. The first reason has to do with a wild animal’s diet verse the type of foods our pets have access too. Our cats and dogs consume more sugars and carbs than what wild animals do. Subtracting both sugar and carbs from an animal’s diet reduces the number of bacteria that grows, and causes tooth decay. Wild animals also must find their own food sources. This will cause their teeth to wear down a lot faster than your pet’s teeth and reduce the risk of cavities and tooth rot.

The second reason wild animals have reduced tooth decay over our pets is that sometimes, wild animal’s teeth outlive the animal. Wild animals face a variety of obstacles that our house pets do not have to encounter, therefore, reducing their lifespan. Also, if a wild animals tooth starts to rot, it makes it harder for them to eat and take care of themselves. The advantage that house pets have is that they have a loving human counterpart to help take care of them and troubleshoot any health problems they may encounter over the course of their life.

Dental Problems That Could Put Your Pet at Risk

Our beloved cats and dogs have teeth that are much different than our own human teeth but can be susceptible to gum disease and cavities just like we can be. In fact, 85 percent of pets develop gum disease of cavities before they reach the age of 3 years old. Some symptoms that can occur are bad breath, loss of teeth, and difficulty chewing, loss of appetite, or swollen and bleeding gums. Unlike us, our pets are unable to tell us what is going on with their teeth. So, dental issues can be even worse for them overall, because they are unable to describe the pain, or discomfort they are experiencing. So, if you do not pay attention to your pet’s teeth this can cause prolonged issues over time.

Pet Dental Care Tips

Being proactive and practicing oral hygiene care for your pets before they show symptoms is the best way to fight cavities and gum disease. By implementing a routine, not only can you ward off potential problems, but you can fight off existing problems that could be making life less comfortable for them. Here are a few tips to help maintain healthy teeth for your pet:

  • Brush their teeth daily.
  • It is not recommended to use any type of toothpaste unless you are advised to do so by a vet. Our toothpaste will make your pet sick.
  • Introduce vet approved dental treats into their diets as this can help reduce brushing.
  • You can also get additives for their water that helps reduce brushing. Such as Fresh Breath By Tropiclean.

For the best results though, you should get your pet’s teeth professionally cleaned. If your vet does not offer this service, they should be able to recommend someone who can help you with dental cleanings. There is nothing better than seeing your pet happy and full of life, so adding dental cleanings is a great way to help them live their best life without pain or health issues. For all of your dental needs please visit our clinic as we are happy to help with all of your dental care needs.