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Our teeth are an important part of maintaining the health of the rest of our body. We use our teeth every day from chewing to talking, so let us talk about the structure that allows our teeth to complete our everyday tasks so easily. Let’s look at the makeup of our teeth.
Tooth sensitivity can be caused both by warm or cold food and drinks. If you experience pain after drinking your favorite cup of hot coffee that helps motivate you through your morning, or from eating some of your favorite gelato. You could be one of the many people that experience tooth sensitivity. What is causes tooth sensitivity you ask?  Well, we will talk about some of the things that contribute to this issue.
Every time you go to the dentist for an exam, one of the standard procedures is to receive dental x-rays. Do you know what they are used for, or the type of X-Rays you are receiving? There are several types of X-Rays that can be used for different functions. These X-Rays help assist the dentist to determine any problem areas you could be experiencing and help maximize oral health.
A newly released study from the American Heart Association found that those taking medication or currently being treated for issues involving high blood pressure were likely to get the most from their medication and treatment. In other words, the benefits of having good oral health and hygiene increased the effectiveness of high blood pressure therapies.

The Link Between Oral Health & High Blood Pressure

A great smile with healthy looking teeth is something that many people in Colorado Springs and across the country wish they had. Teeth come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors depending on your genetics and external environmental factors such as injury or poor dental hygiene. If you fall into this category you may be left wondering what options, if any, you might find from your local dentist to improve the look of your teeth.

Toothaches are never fun to deal with. They can happen at a moments notice for different reasons. No matter why or how you got a toothache, do you know what to do to handle this time up dental emergency?

As we round out the end of the year and begin anew, we begin to think about all the things we are thankful for. Everything from family to career starts a new list of things to be forever grateful for. One thing is for sure, we should also be thankful for our local dentist.
Dentists don't hate sugar, but they hate what sugar can do to your teeth. When we think of sugar in food, we think of candy, cookies, cakes, pie and more, but the truth is that sugars are abundant in many foods posing with different names. This includes food we think of as savory and not sweet by nature. Great for our taste buds, but bad for our teeth. These sugary foods are loved by the bacteria in our mouths whether we are aware of these sugars or not.

White teeth are a sign of a great smile. Not only that but it can easily boost your confidence when it comes to things like meeting new people for the first time. The trend for whiter teeth grows daily. There are now more DIY teeth whitening products available than ever. At first glance, these products may seem great, but be warned, they may actually be damaging your teeth in the long run.