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Affecting well over 8 million adults, just in the United States, and up to 21 percent of children, all of which who habitually snore, sleep apnea is ramping up! Sleep apnea is described as a disorder. One that typically involves quick, but repeated interruptions during your normal breathing sleep cycle.
Gum recession and minimizing the risk is easy as long as you know how to deal with it. Gum recession is not necessarily tied to age but rather other factors that cause gum recession are more influential. Over time, however, the recession of gums takes hold and is the reason why many think it is an age-related issue.
We know it's hard to believe, but as a leading dentist in Colorado Springs, we simply LOVE teeth.  We have seen what seems like millions of teeth in Colorado Springs, tended to them, cleaned them, examined teeth from front to back and so much more when it comes to your chompers.
Halloween is always tons of fun for you, but what about your teeth? Putting on your favorite costume and wandering around the neighborhood in search of the best candy is always a blast. Sugar, of course, is delicious after all. But, sugar can also cause havoc for your teeth in the form of bacteria.
Anytime you are in for a routine dental cleaning your dentist will include scaling which is the removal of tartar build-up and plaque. Tartar's only way of being removed, in fact, is through scaling because brushing and flossing will have no effect on its removal. If you do, however, show signs
You are probably an expert when it comes to brushing your teeth. Or maybe not? Either way, here is a list of common mistakes people make when brushing their teeth. Brushing alone is not always enough as there are many times when things just aren't optimal while cleaning your teeth.