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Your Colorado Springs Dentist might perform a radiography, or an x-ray, exam on your visit. This is perfect way to show what your teeth are experiencing in your mouth, the roots, your jaw structure, and the way your facial bone alignment’s condition. With a tooth x-ray, your dentist will determine if you suffer from gum disease, abscesses and other abnormal growths like cysts or tumors. Any impacted or un-erupted teeth can also be seen in an x-ray. An X-ray can also spot hidden cavities within the mouth that a visual inspection might miss.

X-rays play an important role in dentistry and is something that is standard within routine exams to determine what shape your mouth is in.

Your dentist will determine if you need a radiograph, based on the results of your specific dental needs. These include, if you are a new patient or existing dentist patient, an adult or a young person. Typically, new patients to a dental practice will be given a full mouth x-rays to determine if you suffer from dental issues and include notes of potential gum disease for new visits to the dentist. Returning patients typically will receive less X-rays unless a larger problem presents itself.

Esthetic Family Dentistry uses a digital X-ray system that is faster and easier, saving our patients time and staff time through your dental visits to our office.

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