Mouth Guards



  1. Protects your teeth against high impact – Many sports injuries involving the mouth and teeth happen due to the high impact nature of physical activities. Prevent chipping, breaking, or knocking out a tooth during any sport with by wearing a mouthguard.
  2. Prevent Injuries To The Joint in Your Jaw – If there is an impact or blow to your face, a mouthguard can help reduce the impact to prevent injury.
  3. Reduces Soft Tissue Damage – Reinforcing with a mouthguard can help minimize soft tooth injuries to the gums and tissues inside the mouth.
  4. Help prevent neck and jaw injuries – Impacts to the jaw have a risk of serious injury. Prevent it from being worse, using a custom sports mouthguard.
  5. Reduces concussion effects – In both games and training sessions, head clashes or trauma or not uncommon. Wearing a mouthguard can help reduce the chance of a bad sports related concussion.

Sports Mouth Guards

Many Sports Related Organizations Now Require Custom Sports Mouthguards For Many Reasons

How It Works…

During any competition or training, the athlete’s natural reaction is to clench the jaw as part of the “fight or flight” instinct.

Clenching teeth when under stress or strain triggers an overflow of performance-sapping hormones such as cortisol – the stress hormone. This also restricts the airway because of nerve and muscle tension. By putting a scientifically measured space between the teeth, athletes can limit this reaction, helping oxygen exchange and reducing lactic acid.

ArmourBite Power Wedges help maintain optimal spacing by being uniquely shaped and counteract the negative effect of clenching the jaw. ArmorBite’s multi-patented Technology helps athletes unleash their full potential, performing better than by clenching their jaw.

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