The Most Common Toothbrush Pitfalls

You are probably an expert when it comes to brushing your teeth. Or maybe not? Either way, here is a list of common mistakes people make when brushing their teeth.

Brushing alone is not always enough as there are many times when things just aren’t optimal while cleaning your teeth. Maximize the quality of the tooth brushing for a perfect smile.

Here are some common toothbrush errors you will want to avoid:

  1. Brushing with to much pressure – Some people think that the more you push on your teeth while brushing that things will get cleaner. Scrubbing your teeth is much different than say, scrubbing your floor. All that is needed for proper cleaning is a consistent gentle pressure. With increased pressure you can cause harm to your gums. It should feel like a gentle tickle. More like sweeping than scrubbing as a comparison.
  2. Not buying a new toothbrush when it is time – When is the last time you swapped out your toothbrush? A worn-out toothbrush will be less effective at cleaning and also can build up with germs. You should swap out your toothbrush at least 2 times yearly.
  3. Hard Bristle Toothbrush – Choosing a softer toothbrush will help to avoid damage to your gums. They come in many varieties and if you are not sure, we can help!
  4. Rushing through your brushing – People, on average, spend about 45 seconds to 60 seconds brushing their teeth. Dentists recommend at least 2 minutes of brushing to maximize the benefits. If you are not sure how long you are spending scrubbing and brushing, try a simple timer.
  5. Brush With Purpose – Don’t just go through the motions so you can say you brushed your teeth. The technique is also very important. While brushing angle the brush at 45 degrees and be sure to include your gumline. Use a circular motion (wax on, wax off) to retrace your steps within your mouth. This will help to get at all the particles that stick between teeth.
  6. Safe Toothbrush storage – You should always use a clean and dry holder to store your toothbrush. Try and find storage holders that allow for open-air to circulate around the bristles on your brush and holds the toothbrush upright to allow for proper drying. Many things go on in a bathroom that we don’t like to talk about so be mindful of the location of the toothbrush holder itself.
  7. Brushing directly after eating – You should really wait some time after eating. This myth logically makes sense, but the truth is foods have acidic properties immediately after consuming. If you brush right after eating the acids from food combined with scrubbing can do more harm than good.

As always, we are here to answer any questions you may have about brushing. Give us a call today at our Colorado Springs dentist office. We want to help as much as we can when it comes to your smile!